Kathleen Boyle


Kathleen is a pillar of knowledge and experience for the firm. She has been in active practice since 1978, and has worked as a prosecuting attorney, an assistant attorney general, in-house insurance defense counsel, and in private practice representing both plaintiffs and defendants. She currently focuses primarily on personal injury litigation, mediation and arbitration.

Her personal injury practice is supported by 18 years of experience as a senior trial attorney for Safeco Insurance Company, where the majority of her work involved defending individuals and businesses in various types of cases, including personal injury and  wrongful death cases.  In the cases where she now represents clients who have suffered personal injuries, she is able to leverage her years of experience as senior insurance counsel to obtain the best result for these clients.

Kathleen has significant jury trial, mediation and arbitration experience.  In her work as a criminal prosecutor, and as counsel for a party in civil actions, Kathleen has tried more than 100 cases as well as having argued numerous cases before the Court of Appeals and in the Washington State Supreme Court.  Having handled a variety of arbitration and mediation matters, Kathleen understands how to navigate a case towards resolution, and also the importance of keeping the client well-informed throughout the process necessary to obtain the best result for that client.

“I believe that every legal issue should be considered in light of the potential costs, both emotionally and financially.  I view my role as an attorney representing a client  to help the client develop a clear view of what would be the best resolution of  his/her case and one that will involve the least amount of worry and concern on their part.  My focus is always to help clients move towards resolution of the legal matter, and at the same time avoid having the litigation itself become the focus of their lives. As a defense attorney my job was to handle the client’s case so that they did not worry or lose sleep–as a plaintiff’s attorney I want to help my client stay focused on recovery and trust that I will obtain the best result for them.  This is true in my mediation work as well–I remain focused on helping the parties to see what a positive resolution would be in light of their specific concerns, and to help them realize the value in resolving the case and avoiding the unnecessary physical and emotional toll that continued litigation would entail.”